Knowledge is power. Imagination is fuel. Knowledge plus imagination equals vision.

Carpe Diem!

Predict the future. Together we set the course — a destination for generations of students.

Our skills and experience enable you to create the vision for your community’s learning environment. Today’s decisions will lead to your desired education destination tomorrow.

  • Knowledge of digital directions

  • Skills for building partnerships

  • Experience in long-range planning

  • Imagination to make it happen

Glen McCandless was an important resource and advisor to me in creating a vision for medical education at a time when few could imagine the future.  He focuses on the ed in edtech in a very special way.
Frank C. Clark, Sr, PhD, CIO, Medical University of South Carolina
Those who lead our schools need to engage the entire community around a process for creating a shared vision for teaching and learning. An expert like Glen McCandless with the skills and experience to facilitate the process is essential to a successful outcome.
Lisa Baldwin, Buncombe County NC School Board
School administrators who want to build a vision for the future will benefit from the knowledge, experience, and strategic planning skills of Glen McCandless. Glen helped us cross the bridge from concept to reality with our SMALLab embodied learning environment, a entirely new way for kids to be engaged in school.
Mina C. Johnson-Glenberg, Ph.D, Arizona State University