We will paint a 2030 vision for learning.
The investments you make today will pay off decades from now.


Glen McCandless: Founder

Glen McCandless is an education leader and visionary: a journalist, analyst, consultant, and management expert. For more than 25 years, he has been at the forefront of education change, driven by meteoric growth in computing power, rapid digitization of content, and urgency for the U.S. to compete in the a global economy. As a specialist in educational technology, strategic planning, and partnerships, Glen has worked closely with educational researchers, school administrators, teaching faculty, corporate leaders, and the investment community to help re-engineer our learning environments.



EdTech Experts was launched in 2012. Glen McCandless recognized the need to facilitate collaborations between stakeholders who share a passion for retooling ourschools and creating new learning environments. The door opened, literally, in New York City in December 2011, at an industry conference, a gathering of several hundred education leaders. School administrators, political leaders, and investors interested in education joined senior managers of companies that supply products and services to schools, along with entrepreneurs hoping to launch revolutionary new educational products.  An elevator door opened, and a chance conversation between Glen and the CEO of the largest education company in the world took place. They talked about the need to bring together school architects and designers, product development managers, and other invested parties to reinvent learning environments.  In 2013, we held our first community visioning and planning workshop with a school district near Columbus, Ohio, bringing together over 100 community stakeholders: parents, educators, school staff, corporate leaders, students, architects. We facilitated a process to help this community map out a long-range vision for their future generations of students.